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Acryl Gap Filler 310 ml Different Colours Wilckens

Acryl Gap Filler 310 ml Different Colours Wilckens

  • Item number: Acryl_Fugendicht_Var
  • Manufacturer: Wilckens Farben GmbH
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Acryl Gap Filler 310 ml Different Colours Wilckens

Anytime, everybody has to refurbish its home. Before your own home can shine in a new light, you have to make arrangements. Thereby, Wilckens' acryl gap filler is the perfect support for your renovation work. The German brand product is available in the colours white, gray and brown and has a content of 310 milliliters. Due to its excellent material characteristics the sealant fills both inside and outside flaws and holes or uneven surfaces. The acryl gap filler by Wilckens is paintable, made of elasto-plastic acryl and seals gaps dependable.

Notice: This product should be stored in a safe place and out of the reach of children. Take all necessary safety-related measures to ensure a safe use.

  • Colour: see selection
  • Size: 310 ml
  • Application: indoor, outdoor
  • Characteristics: sealant, elastic acryl