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Rasch City Lights non-woven wallpaper 414332 plain cream
Rasch City Lights non-woven wallpaper 414332 plain cream -38%
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Rasch City Lights non-woven wallpaper 414332 plain cream

  • Item number: 414332
  • Manufacturer: Rasch
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City Lights 2015 | 414332 plain cream

... the streets of New York never sleep

Countless lights flood the night and guide our way through the city that never sleeps. There are street lights on every corner, their cool light reflected in giant skyscrapers. The City Lights collection skilfully references the spectacle that is New York City at night, transporting you to a world of modern metropolitan flair.

A metallic look runs through this extravagant collection, which primarily features silvery-grey and deep black backgrounds. Light mouse grey creates an industrial chic, and looks great in combination with the collection's eye-catching colour-wash patterns. Highlights are skilfully provided in the form of a bold red and understated aubergine colour, both streaked with fine silver threads. These create a woven diamond design, lending any room a modern big-city look. Embossed lines of varying width break up the textured pattern and reveal tiny honeycomb structures, which shimmer finely like the skin of a reptile.

Elaborately designed textures give walls a three-dimensional, sculpted look. These are combined with geometric shapes such as silvery squares and stripes with an aluminium look, which glitter and sparkle beautifully in the light. City Lights also features a graphic theme – letters in cool silver printed on an artistically designed diamond give walls an ultra-modern look. With its little speckles and bubbles, the processed background of this design creates an unusually grainy texture. Bringing the feel of the big city into your home has just become a lot easier.


[references: Rasch]

  • Living world: living room, bedroom, hallway, office, bar
  • Materia: non-woven
  • highly wash resistant - good lightfastness
  • Dry strippable
  • Design match: straight match 64 cm / 25.2''

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