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Tapete Rasch Seduction Vliestapete 796308 Unichrome red
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Tapete Rasch Seduction Vliestapete 796308 Unichrome red

  • Item number: 796308
  • Manufacturer: Rasch
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Seduction 2014

Inspired by nature, this collection is an affirmation of life in harmony. Its soft colours and flowing patterns are seductively optimistic. Large flower panels, animated vines on the wall, fine undulating lines – life is in motion, and never stands still; everything is constantly, calmly developing and growing. Particularly in a world where invisible things are becoming more important than the visible, people yearn for more warmth and sensuality in their lives. It is precisely with this gentle hint of sensuality that the design of the Seduction collection changes the atmosphere of a room and links it with the beauty and gentle colours of nature.

[references: Rasch]

  • High quality - made in Germany - highly wash resistant
  • good light fastness
  • dry strippable
  • material: non-woven
  • rapport: free match

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