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Wallpaper Paste - Strong support for every wallpaper

For non-woven substrates, special non-woven pastes (roll pastes) are used, which have the advantage of being applied both to the wallpaper and to the wall. This is perfect for the wall gluing technique, as the paste does not dry up too quickly. In addition, the wallpaper can be stripped completely dry again afterwards, if the substrate is carefully prepared and the right paste is used. This not only makes a lot of work easier, but also saves a lot of time!

There are various ways to use roll paste. A paste brush can be used to apply the paste or alternatively a paste roller. Both variants are in no way inferior to each other - the decision as to which tool is the best must be made individually. The roller paste can be applied directly to the wall. The wall is pasted evenly. After painting, the wallpaper strips that have already been cut to size are laid in the paste bed on the wall, butt to butt and without soaking time. The non-woven wallpaper can then be moved to the correct position and pressed on with a wallpapering roller without bubbles.

For wallpapering paper substrates, on the other hand, a normal or special paste for heavy paper wallpapers is used. This paste does not contain any dispersion components and thus prevents a heavy stain on the wall. Therefore, the special paste is particularly suitable for paper wallpapers due to its good processing properties.

However, paper wallpapers must always be pasted and cannot be applied using the wall-pasting technique. A soaking time is also essential and should be observed at all times. Likewise, the paper wallpaper should be folded slightly over each other so that the paste does not evaporate. To achieve an optimal result, wallpaper should be wallpapered far away from a light source and all windows should remain closed so that the wallpaper can dry properly on the wall.

How to mix the paste is usually printed on the package as an indication.

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