Rasch wallpaper Bond Street 2015 non-woven wallpaper 726213 plain grey
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Rasch wallpaper Bond Street 2015 non-woven wallpaper 726213 plain grey

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Item number: 726213

Manufacture: Rasch

Condition: New and in original packaging

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Retail price: 39,95 €
Baseprice: 5,16€ per square meter
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Product line: Bond Street 2015

World of living: Wohnen, Schlafen, Diele, BüroLiving room, bedroom, hallway, office

Style: Modern, designModern, design

Material: VliestapeteNon-woven wallpaper

Color: grau grey

Size: ca. 10,05 x 0,53 mabout 10,05 x 0,53 m / 11 yd x 21 ''

characteristics: ansatzfreifree match

Bond Street 2015

... Beauty with obvious provenance and a loving eye for detail

We live in a highly complex world, one which offers limitless options based on new technologies of which we have long since lost track. This has created a new longing for the old ways, for hand-crafted products whose provenance is immediately apparent. And it is precisely this desire which the "Bond Street" collection has been designed to meet. This unusual rasch style collection would fit in perfectly in London's Mayfair district and the high-calibre brand world it is home to, and from which the collection takes its name: New and Old Bond Street. The aesthetic character of this collection is provided by felt and loden, which will make you want to touch each individual wallpaper so that all your senses can understand what it is your eyes are seeing.

Felt is a venerable material that evokes trust, warmth, and permanence. These values are given a fresh lease of life in a new interpretation free from nostalgia. A collection has been created which presents the theme of felt in an astoundingly naturalistic way. Here, the design creates a sophisticated, high-quality atmosphere and the rough, textile quality of the surfaces has been brought together with a shimmering gloss. With this collection, purism and comfort enter into a partnership of outstanding beauty. Clear shapes, cool materials, and minimalist decorations lose their aloof character thanks to walls which want to reach out to you and be touched in turn. Seams intersect the designs' generously proportioned surfaces, as if telling the story of their own creation and bearing their souls. And this collection also knows how to surprise, with a classic ornament uncannily emerging in 3D from the surface of the wallpaper. The typical, neutral loden colours can be enlivened through the restrained application of colour highlights.

[references: Rasch]

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