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The Appropriate Wallpapering Tools for DIY Enthusiasts

15.06.2016 16:33

White walls are boring, cold and make you feel off-colour. So, what can be done to liven up those drab walls? Usually, there are two options: Painting and wallpapering. Wallpapering, however, is often considered time-consuming and inconvenient. So the question emerges how to motivate your tired DIY-Self to paper the cold and barren walls.

The Answer: Don’t make it more difficult than it actually is. With proper wallpapering tools papering your walls is easy. But don’t get lost in the large variety of different tools. BilligerLuxus sheds light on the jungle of different tools and provides help on how to find the appropriate tools for your needs.

What is needed for wallpapering? – Wallpapering tools for DIY enthusiasts

Every now and then, most people need a change of scene. In spite of this need, most of us do not paper their walls regularly and the fewest possess a complete set of professional wallpapering tools. Although a professional tool kit is nice to have, is not necessarily needed as fantastic wallpapering results can be achieved with a much smaller but sufficient selection of tools.

Basic configuration of wallpapering tools

Tapezierwerkzeuge für Anfänger
  • Scraper
  • Folding ruler
  • Wallpapering-table
  • Snap blade cutter
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Paste brush
  • Wallpaper hanging brush
  • Seam roller

To remove persistent wallpaper residues a scraper is recommended. With a folding ruler walls can be measured easily to provide the measurements necessary for cutting the wallpapers into the desired length. Preferably, this should be done using a snap blade cutter on a wallpaper roll which is placed onto a wallpapering-table. To ensure that the wallpaper sticks plain onto the wall, the wallpaper paste has to be applied evenly using a paste brush. If Irregularities occur, they can be removed easily using a wallpaper hanging brush. Afterwards, it is recommended to stabilise the wallpaper edges using a seam roller.

What is needed for professional wallpapering? – These tools make wallpapering easier and faster

Wallpapering professionals rely on tools that make wallpapering more comfortable. The handling of these tools is user-friendly and quickly to learn.

Kleister-Maschine A wallpaper pasting machine saves time and applies wallpaper paste evenly.
Beschneidlineal A wallpaper edge decorator is used to cut wallpapers precisely.
Tapezierschere The long blades of wallpaper scissors guarantee particularly straight cuts.
Especially if the wall has to be pasted, paste rollers should be used, since they provide an even application of wallpaper paste. 
Tapetenschaber Remove wallpaper resedues easily and precisely with a heavy duty wallpaper stripper

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