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Highly absorbent dirt barrier mats – to drive away the mucky weather

11.07.2016 09:55

Rain, wind, hail – As soon as the first rays of the sun try warm the earth they get blocked by the dense blanket of clouds that pour their rain upon us. Treacherous weather like this makes you want to stay at home. And as if the foul weather was not enough, dirt and moisture do not stay outside. They make their way into your living space. In situations like this one question arises:

How can I keep my hallway clean of dirt and moisture?

We offer the solution. High absorbent, easily cleanable and robust. Our dirt barrier mats keep your hallway clean. Choose from a broad variety of dirt barrier mats that are available in many beautiful colours, patterns and motifs.

Not only do they keep your hallway clean, with their vivid designs they also do not fail to provide a good first impression when guests are hosted. The variety of beautifully coloured dirt barrier mats that feature different patterns and designs is shear limitless and in the end, it is your individual taste that decides which mat to buy. However, there are a few things that should be payed attention to when choosing a dirt barrier mat. An important factor for your decision should be the household, in which it will be used. Every type household requires different material properties. We present to you three common kinds of households and explain, which mat is best suited for each environment.

Dirt barrier mats of our clean line are the perfectly suited for all needs. Our rich offer of dirt barrier products encompasses dirt barrier mats in different sizes and colours as well as dirt barrier runners in individually customisable sizes.

Basic Clean Dirt Barrier Mats
  • For single households or for the first own flat we advise easily cleanable and reasonably priced dirt barrier mats that resist normal soiling but are robust nonetheless. An example for a product that fits these requirements is our dirt barrier mat Basic Clean that features a velour pile height of 8mm and a rubber frame with a width of 3cm. The mat is available in five different colours and it can be hand washed easily at 30°C. 
Classic Clean Dirt Barrier Mats
  • For household with more than one or two dwellers, such as shared flats or couple households, we recommend dirt barrier mats that withstand greater strain and feature a higher absorption capacity. A product that fulfils these requirements is our Classic Clean dirt barrier mat. It features a velour pile height of 6,5mm and a rubber frame of 3cm width.
X-Tra Clean Dirt Barrier Mats
  • In family households with children and pets not only a high absorption capacity and robustness, but also safety in the entrance area is very important. Because of their rubberised back, dirt barrier mats offer excellent anti slip properties even in wet environments. Besides a rubberised back, our X-Tra Clean dirt barrier mats feature a velour pile height of 9mm which makes them particularly moisture absorbent. They also feature a rubber frame of 1,5mm width and are machine-washable at 30°C.

Where can I purchase dirt barrier mats and dirt barrier runners at a reasonable price?

In our online shop you can purchase these and many other dirt barrier mats. Purchase your favoured product in dirt barrier mats and runners and the new eye catcher for your interior will be delivered within short time.

Basic Clean Dirt Barrier Rug Runner Classic Clean Dirt Barrier Rug Runner

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