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Flower Wallpapers for the Early Spring Time

11.05.2016 13:29

February is mostly cold, rainy and inconvenient. Seldom is the desire for the lovely flowery scent and for sunshine greater as it is in the sulky season before spring. For those who cannot wait any longer for the first warm sunrays to call up the sleepy buds the question emerges why the longing for the eternal dream of spring cannot be fulfilled. Now it’s time to liven up the walls! Cheerful flower motifs, vibrant colours as well as bright pastel nuances represent spring in all its beauty. No matter whether a modern and fresh look or a classic nostalgic look is preferred. The most important thing is that the choice of colours reflects your personality.

Flower motifs, isn’t that something from the 70s? No, not at all. Flowers celebrate a revival and are all over. And the community of flower lovers is continuously growing. Wallpaper manufacturers are aware of this trend and focus particularly on classic and modern flower motifs. The diversity of motifs includes everything from abstract over photorealistic up to graphical flower representations.

Wallpaper Flower Motif Graphic-Style - San Francisco 30176-3  Wallpaper Flower Motif Photorealistic-Style - Crispy Paper 525625  Wallpaper Flower Motif Abstract-Style - My Home by Raffi 94027-3

With these wallpapers romantic and dreamy living environments can be created. An invitation for the pleasures of spring. But attention. Please, not too girly. Too many different motifs or colours can make a room look tawdry and cluttered. Only a balanced application of different wallpapers makes a room look harmonious. In combination with single coloured or striped wallpapers an atmospheric living space is created. In this case, less is more. Two different motifs are usually sufficient to create a vivid ambience. 

Wallpaper Flower Motif - Flock 3 by livingwalls 2556-79  Wallpaper Flower Motif - Vertiko Neo by Ersimann 6745-18

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